Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wish Lists; Noteworthy Blogs 3-7-13

Wish Lists, I think all of us have one of some kind or another.  Whether you go so far as to break it down into needs, wants, goals or dreams, we all have something we want.  Something that either by choice or circumstance we haven't acquired yet.

My list starts with kitchen equipment, while not my favorite hobby, I like to have the proper tools to make the job easy.  Paleo in PDX has a brilliant kitchen wish list.   There isn't one single thing on this kitchen list that isn't on mine, how cool is that.

Exercise equipment, yeah I know boring. Not for me I have always enjoyed being very physical, whether working out, hitting the gym or taking specific focused classes.  Unfortunately, I got out of the habit after, two car accidents that happened less than a year apart.  It has been a challenge to find the funds not to mention the time to re-join a gym.  So I have been looking at alternatives and found a blog list of Paleo equipment, that would be fantastic to get started with and is the start of my new wish list.

I have many other items that would fall in the category of wish lists, but these two tend to be universal in they are the ones I end up talking about the most with others as they are extremely relevant in my life right now.

What is at the top of your wish list?  Something practical or totally impractical?

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