Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 Ways to Feel Great; Noteworthy Blogs 4-25-13

I am only sharing one blog of note today.  That is because it is a very, very long blog post.  Completely worth taking the time to the read, despite or maybe because of the straight up language, that some may find offensive. I am actually working my way through it a second time, because there is so much information contained within it.

The 25 ideas contained within are steps to take to lead  a complete well rounded life.  Living, breathing, owning every emotion, thought and experience in our lives.  Doing so while enjoying better health, relationships and understanding that everything in life is interconnected and reconnecting ourselves to it.  To live a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Chris McCombs is the author of "25 Ways To Feel Totally F****** Awesome"

He does a good job of covering practical ideas, with real life and does an exultant job of explaining why certain things are just not sustainable.  Why the new age guru thought of constantly being happy works in the short term with action behind it.  Yet loses its effectiveness over time and is completely not sustainable.  

This is covered in idea number 1 titled "Feel Bad".    While I do not agree with absolutely everything Chris says in his blog, his ideas and thoughts here kept me reading.   I completely agree that to truly enjoy the good times, and be completely and truly happy, you have to experience the bad.  Not just experience it, but honor and process and understand your feelings.  

Number 4 is one I don't agree with, but that is more personal taste than anything.  I would rather have the crunch of the vegetables than drink them.  

Even if you don't embrace them all, it is a place to start.  A lengthy article to get you thinking about how to change things, to live a happier fuller life. Hope you find something useful for your life in this article.


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