Thursday, April 11, 2013

Personal Safety Check List; Noteworthy Blogs 4-11-13

Ah Spring, with summer just around the corner.  My thoughts turn to long evening walks, more time in the garden, barbecues with friends and family, and dreaming of lazy summer days.

However, it is also a time of year that I like to review my personal safety habits.  Long nights, busy days, long drives, and such it is a good time to review.  Usually I do a personal check twice a year and they tend to coincide with the weather changed from winter to spring and summer to fall.  Each time of year has its own unique factors that have to be considered in addition to the normal routine.

While this isn't a complete list of everything I do, it covers the broadest and most universal steps that everyone can take.

 Spring Personal Safety Check List:

1.) House

      a.) Lighting
            Replace outdoor lights as needed.
      b.) Entrances
            Make sure all entrances are clear of obstruction and lighted.
       c.) Fire Extinguishers
            Check expiration dates.
       d.) Smoke Detectors
             Check and Replace Batteries as needed.
        e.) Flashlights
             Replace Batteries as needed.  Verify they are placed in strategic locations.
        f.) Update
             Emergency Disaster Kit
             Emergency Numbers and Contact lists in appropriate locations.
             Medical Allergy lists in appropriate locations.
             Food Allergy lists in appropriate locations.
2.) Car Safety

      a.)  Time for a Maintenance Check.
      b.)  Check to make sure all lights are working.
      c.)  Make sure your car locks are working.
      d.)  Emergency kit in the trunk for travel.

3.) Personal Defense  -- Everyone has their own opinion on personal defense.  Regardless of what your opinion is there are somethings that are universal whether you are a combatant or non combatant.

      a.)  Look outside for people lurking.
      b.)  Pay attention to where you park, especially if you are parking in daylight and planning on leaving                                 after dark.  Park in a well lighted area, under a street lamp is best.
      c.)  Keep your hands free.  Or limit your bags to one hand.  Keep one hand free for defense.

      d.) For those who choose to take their personal self defense and safety a step further.
           Inventory and replace your personal self defense items.
               Charge your Stun Gun
               Replace your pepper spray
               Inspect your hardware -- replace, repair and clean as needed.

For those whom choose to take a more passive approach to their personal safety I found a great blog written specifically for the non combatant.  "Options for Non Combatants"  is a great read, I even found tips and hints to incorporate into my personal safety regime.

Active Response training is a great blog that covers scenario's for many different situations you could find yourself in.  They cover current events, current and changing laws, tactical situations, free books, product reviews and so much more.

Did I miss anything?  What other tips do you have to offer?

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