Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Time to Buy; Noteworthy Blogs 5-9-13

Saving money is a passion of mine, mostly because I like to save my money for the fun things in life.  One of the ways I do this is to connect with others who are of a like mind.  "One Smart Dollar" is one such place.  It is a blog that focuses on spending, each dollar earned, as wisely as possible as well as how to save wisely.

One Smart DollarRecently they posted two great blogs that would be helpful to everyone when it comes to making purchases. The first blog focuses on "The Best Time to Buy....Just About Anything".  It breaks it down by month and has some really great tips, including items I hadn't thought about previously.  Everything from clothes, to barbecues, to electronics, and pools.

Everybody talks about how to you can save money buying generic, yet it is really worth it?  I think so, yet you have to be smart about it, somethings are not worth the it.  Fortunately, this great article will help you get started, "Best Items to Buy Generic over Name Brand".  It covers something as simple as napkins to as complicated as electronics.

Do you have any cost saving tips you'd like to share?

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