Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dreaming of Summer Treats; Noteworthy Blogs 5-2-13

Summer's coming, it is right around the corner.  Soon the vegetable will be fresher, the fruits we have been missing in season and the succulent berries will be bursting with flavor.  Ok, yep summer and food go hand in hand for me, whether growing it, or eating it.  Yes, I can and do cook it, however I would rather skip that step.  Fortunately for me, my good friend Tina, who also happens to be my business partner, loves to cook and share with everyone.

Raw Blackberry Cheesecake
Raw Blackberry Cheesecake, sounds so divine and then I read the recipe and realized it was dairy free.  Can't wait to give it a try once blackberries are in season.   Has anyone tried this yet?

Going to be spending some time on The Comfy Belly blog, who provided both the recipe and the picture to the left.  Having perused their blog  for a bit, it looks like I am going to try several of their recipes.

Paleo Pantry, posted this luscious sounding dessert awhile back.  Doesn't their picture just look totally edible and decadent.  Even better it has two ingredients, to create a cool, creamy Coconut Slushie   Now, me I can't wait till raspberries are in season to add as a third ingredient.  I love easy recipes, especially for treats.

Do you have a favorite summertime treat you look forward too?

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