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Gifts for the Nature Lover 2013

Nature lover's are easy to shop for.   They love live plants, seeds, and tools, yet at the sametime it is nice to occasional receive something different. There are so many options it is difficult to decide sometimes, so as a nature lover myself, I perused an found a few ideas to share.

1.) A lovely necklace with a pendant showing both plant life and animal life in the form of a tree with a roosting bird is one option.  The tree is pewter and accented with amethyst semi-precious gemstones and decoupage glass beads. It is further enhanced with pale colored Swarovski crystals in clear, pinks and greens.

2.) Wall art is always a nice option, either inside or outside wall art.   This lovely lady bug is sure to please.  I would not recommend this particular piece for outdoors as it is created from glass.

Handmade Art Glass Red Ladybug Garden Ornament or Wall Decor

3. ) Butterfly earrings are a nice touch.  This pair happens to mimic nature in color, however you could always choose a pair that is vibrant in color, though not necessarily found in nature.  It all comes down to what you think the person you are shopping for would enjoy.

4.)  I for one can never have too many plants.  The challenge becomes for the gift giver to find unusual plants.  One of my favorite types of plants to have around are air plants, no one can ever have too many of these, he he.  Air plants are easy to care, have a variety of options for containers and usually take up very little space.

Triple Treat of Air Plants

5.)  Outdoor wall hangings are always a fun option as a gift..  This particular one is black and created from metal, with leaves and flowers in the center.  It is a bit non descriptive in its depiction of the type of flower, which is nice as you do not have to worry about it matching what is actually growing in someone's garden. Though you could always go the opposite direction and find one that is very distinctive in the type of flower.

Circular Floral Metal Wall Hanging - Garden Decor

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Five Artistic Gift Ideas

It's just around the corner!  Have you thought about what you are going to be getting others this year?

Here are five ideas for those in your life who appreciate artistic items.  The nice thing about shopping from local artisan's is that you know who your helping, it directly supports communities and it really does make the gift more personal.   Gifts given with thought put into them are just more appreciated.

1.)  Wall Prints -- Hanging art really can enhance a room and either liven it up or create a relaxing space.  Livening things up seems like a good idea.  I found this piece created by Adrienne owner and artisan of Doodles by Adrienne Fritze.  She creates unique representations of women, from the whimsical, to the strong, the occasional piece with sadness reflected.  Women in general are complicated and live their emotions.  That is what life is all about and Adrienne honors and reflects that in her art.


Golden Amber Jasper and Handmade Clay Goddess on Gold Wire Necklace      2.)  Jewelry that Honor's Woman -- Women play an integral part to life.  From nurturing mother's, to adventure's, to artists, to care give'rs, to scientists, to teachers and so many more.   Finding a piece of jewelry that represents the strength of women can be a challenge.  However, here at Entwined Vines Jewelry we are both strong women and that translates into the pieces we create.

    Blue and Yellow Polymer Clay Dragon Fantasy Candle Holder with Flowers

    3.)  Fun and Frivolous -- for the inner                                                                               child in all of us, something fun and frivolous is in order.  I found this silly and fun, yet useful dragon candle holder.

    Butterfly Pendant with Wire Links and Diamond Glass Bead Necklace


    4.)  Nature Lover's --  Those that enjoy nature leaves a lot of options open for you.  From books on hiking, to bird watching, to plants, decorative pots, bird feeders, the list is endless.  Jewelry is also an option as snippets of nature can be captured as a representation.  As in this piece, a pretty butterfly enhance with vibrant diamond shaped glass and wire work done by hand.

    5.)  Travel -- Here at Entwined Vines we dream of traveling.  Enjoying different foods, experiencing different cultures.  What does one end get someone in there life who travels a great deal regardless of the reason, the options are endless.  You have luggage, luggage tags, maps, books, and so forth.  It doesn't even need to be current, as this book is from 1988, there are many treasures hidden within these books.  It allows travels to see the differences time makes.

    • Off the Beaten Track France travel guide 1988 HB ex-libris

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    Artistic Portland Event November 8, 2013

    Artistic Portland - a local, cooperative retail store - opens in NE Portland

    Portland, OR - Upon entering Artistic Portland, one is met with a swirling array of handcrafted goods.  Shelves are piled high with organic lotion, teas, and candles. A felted neon-colored dragon sits atop a high shelf. Handbound journals, paintings, screenprinted t-shirts, ceramic art pieces, wooden furniture, repurposed doll part statues, hand-blown glass, and various types of jewelry are just some of many handcrafted items that greet visitors, at the NE Portland retail location of Artistic Portland. Every item on display is handmade by a local artisan, who is also a co-owner of the store.
              "It is really nice to have a local place where you can tell someone to come look at your work, said Denise Krueger, co-op member and owner of D Krueger Botanic Art.
              Just six months ago, Artistic Portland was nothing more than an idea. Formed by local Portland artisans who first met on the internet, online ideas quickly manifested into in-person gatherings of craftspeople. Their mission: to open a cooperatively run retail store that sells locally made and handcrafted goods; to share the financial burden and capital investment required to start a small business; and to share in all the responsibilities and rewards of a co-operative retail store.
               On June 1, these goals were accomplished. Artistic Portland now occupies a well-lit space in NE Portland's Hollywood District. The shop features hundreds of handcrafted products. All items are locally produced, made by one of 35+ member/owners of Artistic Portland.
              "The value of this place is that we are all so creative and we don't really have a great way to sell our stuff," said Krueger. "To have something really reliable and local is so valuable."
              Member/owner Alia Paloma, of Uncostumed, appreciates the local aspect of running a small business, "I am so excited to help support and sustain our local economy by supporting the people in my community that create beautiful and functional works of art."
              Artistic Portland is cooperatively owned and operated. All featured artisans are  owner/operators of the business. Decisions are made collectively at monthly membership meetings and board meetings. Each month, through a jury process, new applicants have the opportunity to apply to become a member/owner.
              "The cooperative model is infinitely democratic. It values the needs of every member, rather than simply the managers," said member/owner Gypsy Sauerwein, of Estuary Magicks. "It's an equal-opportunity idea. People are important pieces of the whole, instead of a cogs in the profit-machine. It places worth on the process and the values behind our work. Cooperatives, more than any other model I've worked with, value people."
              Staffed by member/owners, the store features artists on location. All co-op members volunteer up to four days a month working in the shop. By pooling the labor of all members, Artistic Portland is open to the public more than 40 hours per week.
              Says Sauerwein, "We offer soulful, quality work - an alternative to pre-made big-box buying.  Since our work is produced locally, by hand, it lacks the environmental cost of factories, warehouses, and shipping. When you come into the store, and meet the artisans, your purchases turn from a business transaction into a relationship."
              Artistic Portland, located at 4042 NE Sandy - in the Hollywood District - is open 7 days a week, from 11am-7pm.

    Contact: To learn more about Artistic Portland, please visit the store or contact:

    4042 NE Sandy Blvd
    Portland, OR 97212
    (503) 206-4631


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