Thursday, November 14, 2013

Five Artistic Gift Ideas

It's just around the corner!  Have you thought about what you are going to be getting others this year?

Here are five ideas for those in your life who appreciate artistic items.  The nice thing about shopping from local artisan's is that you know who your helping, it directly supports communities and it really does make the gift more personal.   Gifts given with thought put into them are just more appreciated.

1.)  Wall Prints -- Hanging art really can enhance a room and either liven it up or create a relaxing space.  Livening things up seems like a good idea.  I found this piece created by Adrienne owner and artisan of Doodles by Adrienne Fritze.  She creates unique representations of women, from the whimsical, to the strong, the occasional piece with sadness reflected.  Women in general are complicated and live their emotions.  That is what life is all about and Adrienne honors and reflects that in her art.


Golden Amber Jasper and Handmade Clay Goddess on Gold Wire Necklace      2.)  Jewelry that Honor's Woman -- Women play an integral part to life.  From nurturing mother's, to adventure's, to artists, to care give'rs, to scientists, to teachers and so many more.   Finding a piece of jewelry that represents the strength of women can be a challenge.  However, here at Entwined Vines Jewelry we are both strong women and that translates into the pieces we create.

    Blue and Yellow Polymer Clay Dragon Fantasy Candle Holder with Flowers

    3.)  Fun and Frivolous -- for the inner                                                                               child in all of us, something fun and frivolous is in order.  I found this silly and fun, yet useful dragon candle holder.

    Butterfly Pendant with Wire Links and Diamond Glass Bead Necklace


    4.)  Nature Lover's --  Those that enjoy nature leaves a lot of options open for you.  From books on hiking, to bird watching, to plants, decorative pots, bird feeders, the list is endless.  Jewelry is also an option as snippets of nature can be captured as a representation.  As in this piece, a pretty butterfly enhance with vibrant diamond shaped glass and wire work done by hand.

    5.)  Travel -- Here at Entwined Vines we dream of traveling.  Enjoying different foods, experiencing different cultures.  What does one end get someone in there life who travels a great deal regardless of the reason, the options are endless.  You have luggage, luggage tags, maps, books, and so forth.  It doesn't even need to be current, as this book is from 1988, there are many treasures hidden within these books.  It allows travels to see the differences time makes.

    • Off the Beaten Track France travel guide 1988 HB ex-libris

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