Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gifts for the Nature Lover 2013

Nature lover's are easy to shop for.   They love live plants, seeds, and tools, yet at the sametime it is nice to occasional receive something different. There are so many options it is difficult to decide sometimes, so as a nature lover myself, I perused an found a few ideas to share.

1.) A lovely necklace with a pendant showing both plant life and animal life in the form of a tree with a roosting bird is one option.  The tree is pewter and accented with amethyst semi-precious gemstones and decoupage glass beads. It is further enhanced with pale colored Swarovski crystals in clear, pinks and greens.

2.) Wall art is always a nice option, either inside or outside wall art.   This lovely lady bug is sure to please.  I would not recommend this particular piece for outdoors as it is created from glass.

Handmade Art Glass Red Ladybug Garden Ornament or Wall Decor

3. ) Butterfly earrings are a nice touch.  This pair happens to mimic nature in color, however you could always choose a pair that is vibrant in color, though not necessarily found in nature.  It all comes down to what you think the person you are shopping for would enjoy.

4.)  I for one can never have too many plants.  The challenge becomes for the gift giver to find unusual plants.  One of my favorite types of plants to have around are air plants, no one can ever have too many of these, he he.  Air plants are easy to care, have a variety of options for containers and usually take up very little space.

Triple Treat of Air Plants

5.)  Outdoor wall hangings are always a fun option as a gift..  This particular one is black and created from metal, with leaves and flowers in the center.  It is a bit non descriptive in its depiction of the type of flower, which is nice as you do not have to worry about it matching what is actually growing in someone's garden. Though you could always go the opposite direction and find one that is very distinctive in the type of flower.

Circular Floral Metal Wall Hanging - Garden Decor

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