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January Birthstones 2014

January Birthday

Are you looking for a gift for someone with a January Birthday? 

Why not look for something that reflects the month they were born in?  Birthstones are a great way to personalize a birthday gift for anyone in your life, who happens to have a birthday in January.
Gemstone lists associated with birthdays have evolved over time.  As near as I can tell from my research there are many reasons for this.
  1.  Different cultures created their own lists, for their own reasons.
  2.  Availability was originally limited to region, as travel was difficult. 
  3.  The lists have expanded as availability and travel has eased.
  4. Religious beliefs have affected gemstone choice for birthdays from the beginning.
  5. Adaptation of the zodiac lists have occurred, which is interesting to look at.
  6. Western society, has changed birthday, birthstone listed them even more.  This change seems to be more influenced by marketing.

January birthstones can be dated back to over one thousand years, when looking at the Tibetan lists.  Tibetan lists are more commonly referred to these days as the Mystical birthday list.  Emeralds are the listed gemstone for the Tibetan/Mystical birthday stone for January.

Emeralds are considered a precious gemstone and are believed to bring the wearer both loyalty and faithfulness.  Accordingly it is supposed to bring these two traits in abundance to their relationships, specifically their friendships.  

When looking at emeralds from a metaphysical standpoint, they are believed to assist one with memory retention and clairvoyance.  For those looking for it, it is thought to assist in bringing one a deeper faith. 
In addition emeralds are believed to contain healing properties.  These healing properties are believed to be specifically in relation to the eyes, one’s fertility, the spine, and the easing of headaches.

Garnets, random cut and polished.
Now, the modern birthstone list, indicate Garnets as the stone of the month.  Officially adopted in 1912, this list was created by the American National Association of Jewelers.   This is why you will usually hear this list referred to as the Western society birthstone birthday list.

Garnet gemstones come in a variety of colors and have six distinct different family classifications. Within each family classification there are many sub classifications.  Fun facts about garnets include the belief that those born in January, the gemstone will impart purity and truth. 

While traditional metaphysical properties are thought to encourage commitment and inspire a regeneration of insight.  As well as removing negativity from oneself and improving awareness; It is also believed that the wearer will be provided with aid in protection and healing.  Garnets are also thought to lend strength and energy both to one who keeps the gemstones on their person.

The Ayurvedic birthstone list also lists garnet gemstones for the month of January.  This birthstone list can be traced back to its origins in Indian Medicine and beliefs to 1500 B.C.

Now the Italian’s on the other hand, appear to use a birthstone list that is very specific to their geographic location and list the stone of January as Jacinth.
The Russian birthstone list, also appears to be based specifically on geographic location and they list Hyacinth as the birthstone for January.

Both the Italian birthstone Jacinth and the Russian birthstone Hyacinth are referred to as Zircon; Containing colors that range from a reddish-brown, brown, orange to yellow.  Virtually they are the same stone.  However, Jacinth is the older name and can be traced further back in history than Hyacinth.
Zircon should not be confused with cubic zirconia.  Where cubic zirconia is a man-made stone, zircon is a natural stone.  Unfortunately, many people confuse the two.  Each of them has unique properties and is completely composed of different materials.  Zircon while referred to as a stone is categorized as a mineral.

While you can find many lists on birthstones, as the few I have covered is by no means a complete list.  They are the most common and really give a good basis and starting point for choosing a birthstone for that person in your life whose birthday falls in the month of January.

Do you like to receive birthstones for your birthday?

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