Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Color Red

The color red is about passion. 
The color red reflects action in life.
The color red is about energy.
The color red symbolizes physical movement.
The color red awakens our physical life force.
The color red represents passion and sexuality.

The color red definitely plays a huge part in our everyday lives.  Why is the color red so important?   It’s simple it reflects the basic element of life as the color of blood that runs through our veins.  

Used correctly the color red is a positive color. It can impart warmth and energy to those in need. As a symbol of physical movement it is energizing and gives a boost of energy when used in small doses. 

It is a life affirming color as it symbolizes one’s physical life force as well as passion and sexuality; which are all life-affirming activities.  It is these traits that may be why the color red is listed as the color of the month for January.  

Red is also seen as the color of anger and aggression and is viewed as a destructive color.  It is also believed that too much red in one surroundings can cause agitation irritation and ultimately lead to aggressive angry behavior. However, too little red can also cause issues. One who has too little red in their life can become too cautious.  They can become fearful of trying new things or embracing new opportunities.

Which leads one to believe; that as with most things in life moderation is still one of the most important habits to embrace, even with something as simple as color.

Though we need red in our, too much can adversely affect us. How to relate this in life, simply look at how too much red and love turns to obsession. Too much red can lead to jealousy and anger causing one to take revenge on a loved one. It's interesting that red is a color though to represent love. It's actually less that it reflects true love and more that red inspires sexuality rather than the emotion or expression of love. Red is an energy color so that it's the actions that it inspires rather than the emotional element of love.

It's interesting with the positive and negative connotations that you find surrounding the color red of what part it plays in different cultures. For instance in the Indian culture it symbolize purity.  While in Eastern cultures such as China the color red is thought to be a good luck color. For many years red was the traditional color of bride's wedding gowns in China.  Though in recent year’s this has been changing; whether dues to outside influences or a recognition of the science behind color is still not entirely clear.

It is extremely interesting to study the colors and their psychology. Looking at colors and choices for branding a company, there is actually a great deal of thought and research put into the colors chosen to brand a company with. Example while I don't know for fact what Coca-Cola ultimate deciding factor for choosing red as their color is, it has done extremely well for them. They've chosen red as it is a high-energy color that inspires immediate action and instant results. For their branding it appears that it was the perfect color choice.

However, when looking at colors chosen for an artisan or a handmade co-op of artisans, red would be a disastrous color.  It would be a disastrous color because when looking at it from artisan’s standpoint that is looking to high-end retail market selling high-end items, you don't want to your buyers in an instantaneous high action mode.

The preferred is to have them in relaxed frame of mind and feeling decadent about their surroundings and shopping experience. Other factors go into choosing colors as an artisan or a handmade co-op of artisans  for their, that I'm not going to go into here.  It is an example of how color affects mood, how color of facts a shopping trip, how color effects of social engagement, and how color affects life in general.

What's really fun for me is that as a jewelry artisan and playing with the color red in my designs. Incorporating red gemstones into our work is believed by some to increase one's enthusiasm. Red gemstones in particular are believed to boost energy, create confidence in the wearer, and interestingly enough to provide protection from one’s fears. I find it an interesting contradiction that red gemstones are believed to increase one's interest in life, taking chances and embracing adventures. Now as you delve further into colors and what they represent you find that the varying shades of red have different meanings, though that is a conversation for a different later day.

Do you find your mood changing depending on the color you are wearing? 
The colors in your environment?

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