Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Color Purple

 The color purple is associated with royalty.

The color purple conveys extravagant.

The color purple implies mystery color. 

The color purple is associated with quiet dignity.

The color purple implies creativity within an individual.

The color purple is a rare color found in nature.  Which is why most people associate the color with religious ceremonies, power, wealth, and especially royalty. 

How does that translate to personalities?

Those people whom are drawn to the color purple tend to have an alluring energy and are usually very charismatic people.  While some may give the impression of being shy that is not usually the case for those who are drawn to purple.

People drawn to the color purple tend to be idealistic, they tend to have a great imagination and have no trouble dreaming of the future.  Their dreams tend to be beyond what is reasonable to achieve and completely impractical.

The color purple is actually a combination of the primary colors of red and blue.  You can see this in the embodiment of red stimulation and in the balance of blues calming effect that is reflected in the personalities of those who are drawn to the color.  It's the constant contradiction of both high-energy and yet, people who like the color purple tend to be people who are eccentric and very creative.  Doesn't that go hand-in-hand, because most people think creative people are bit eccentric.

So how does this play out around the world?

In different cultures purple plays a different part where as in Thailand widows morning their husbands death tend to wear purple,  While in the US.  The US military awards Purple Heart's as a symbol of valor, courage and bravery. 

In Iran, the color purple in traditions is believed to be a foretelling of what is about to happen.  From what I can find this belief came about because during an eclipse of the moon or of the sun, it looks purple.  They believe when this occurs it is an omen of bloodshed to occur within the coming year.

Purple is considered to be sacred to the Buddha and rosaries are often fashioned from amethyst semiprecious gemstones.   Going back in history and looking at the Roman Emperor and they were referred to as the purple the color of the Robe’s they wore.  So those with the rank of Roman Emperor always wore purple robes..

In Japan the color has always been associated with wealth and position of power.  This tradition can still be found today and across the globe.   You can find signs of this as far back in history as the Greeks.  In Greek history the Caesars all wore purple, this being the equivalent of a Roman Emperor. Both cultures leaders wore purple as the royal color.

In Egypt, the color purple denotes virtue and faith in a person.  Now, I'm not sure if that is in regards to their religious beliefs or to their personal character.

While in Britain.  The color purple denotes the color of mourning, yet only in a specific shade of purple, known as violet.     That is noted specifically for that, and it's also the color of religious fever.

 What's interesting is the variety of effects on the mind, body, which purple can have.  We talked a little bit before about different tendencies, some good, some bad of how color affects people differently.

It's believed purple that can help uplift the one’s spirit.  It is believed to aid in the calming of the mind.  Also, it is believed to be a great color for people dealing with nervous tendencies.  For those looking for an assist, it is believed to be a facilitating color in deeper spirituality pursuits. Nurturing tendencies’ and sensitivities to others is believed to be enhanced by wearing purple. While at the same time purple is believed to encourage one's imagination and creativity.

You know, each person has their own opinion when it comes to color and that is fantastic thing.  As all people are unique and everyone experiences things differently.  I will always associate the color purple with royalty. 
Here at Entwined Vines Jewelry, we create a lot with purple shades and tones.  It is a fun color and amethyst semi-precious gemstones are a joy to create with.

What are your thoughts on color and how they affect different people differently?

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