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April Birthstones 2014

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Especially if one was born in the month of April. The birthstone that is most commonly known for April is the diamond on the most commonly used lists I have seen shows it as the birthstone for the month of April.  There are different lists roaming around and we are going to explore some of the differences and of course talk about the stones themselves.

Historically there have always been multiple lists for gemstones associated with the month you are born in.  They tend to run by region and sometimes religious or spiritual influences.  Let’s discuss some of the differences found on the different lists.

Sapphires are the birthstone of choice, for the Roman Empire and on the Italian list.
Today Sapphire’s are listed on the modern birthstone chart as the birthstone for September. Yet, that has not always been the case.  I have been able to find a reason or an exact date this change took place.

Did you know that sapphire means blue in the Greek language?
Which I find appropriate, as the sapphire can range in color from pale almost clear blue to a blue so dark it can be mistaken for black. There are other colors that can be found that are sapphires, however they are always referred to with their color in front of them. The blue sapphire is the only one referred to as simply sapphire gemstone. Today 98% of the world’s sapphire is mined out of Australia.

Legend has it that sapphires are the stone of destiny. It is believed to be able to provide both perception and mental clarity while at the same time promoting personal financial prosperity for the wearer.

Diamonds are usually labeled a precious gemstone, though depending on the quality of the stone can be classified as a semi-precious gemstone.  They are also what you typically see on birthstone list for the month of April.
A few of those different lists are:

Modern: Diamond
Ayurvedic : Diamond
Hindu: Diamond
Polish: Diamond
Traditional: Diamond

Most diamonds come out of Africa and are mostly used in jewelry. The clear diamonds are the most popular; however they do come in green and blue colors. Today diamonds are used for engagement rings and this is thought to be because they symbolize innocence and constancy. Historically they have also been and are still used as Crown jewels.

Folklore does not associate any specific healing properties to the diamond gemstone.   However, diamonds are thought to amplify the energies associated with other gemstones. It is also believed as well that they have the ability to block energies, if the wearer is generating negativity, especially feelings of themselves and others. Trapping that negativity within the wearer’s person, so they are unable to process and release it.

There is nothing wrong with diamonds; they are bright and shiny after all however, in recent years they have become known as blood diamonds. This is due to the practices behind the mining of the gemstones and the deaths that occur. While I have no intention of going into the political or spiritual aspect of wearing diamonds, now that this information is public, it is something that you should keep in mind. Especially if you are purchasing a gift for someone else, who may or may not be sensitive and/or have very strong convictions against wearing diamonds.

Mystical birthstone list reflects the opal as the gemstone of choice for those born in the month of April.

Opals are one of my favorite gemstones.  The many hues and colors that are reflected in them are enticing.  The hue and color is very dependent upon where the opals are mined from.    While I have found no hard proof that the birthstone charts that list opal meant white opal, it is implied heavily when reading the history.

White opals are believed to have angelic connections, allowing them to mean innocence in nature. They are utilized to balance ones chakra’s and heal emotions to allow the wearer to return to a more balanced state. The white opal is also said to be a powerful stone for healing and achieving great things.

History shows that the ancient Romans believed the opal would bring good luck and hope to the wearer.

Which stone do you prefer?

Revised rewrite of original posting, April 11, 2011

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